New Career Preparation

Things happen and not all careers are meant to
occupy for a lengthy time. Instead if you have a
desire to transition into a different career path,
we’ll walk you through what that means and what
you need, to prepare for that transition by skills,
workplace, environment, and knowledge.

Interview Preparation

From a pep talk, to walking through scenarios of
various questions, you’ll be thoroughly prepared
and confident before your interview.

Resume Preparation

You don’t need someone to just edit words to make them
sound fancier but instead identify the greater impact you
made so employers see the value you will bring, and
demand an interview.

Wardrobe Consultation

How you dress for work has changed, but there’s still key
pieces you need while staying true to your style and being
appropriate for your role. We’ll help you identify what
those are so you can make a splash stylistically, and


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